Stairs study

This was homework for a drawing class. I had a rough description of some typical stairs that were architecturally correct. I had to do only a line drawing in a two point perspective, but under the influence of John Park's art I decided to do something more dynamic and ambitious. I decided to do the whole line work in Photoshop with only Line and Pen Tool in three-point perspective. This was the first time that I made something more complicated with a tree-point perspective, and I was surprised and excited with the outcome, so I decided to cast a light through the window. Usually when I cast shadows I know the exact light position, and it's a breeze. But this time, I wanted to hit a specific area of the floor without cheating. Because of this I reversed the whole process and checked different positions of the light. It took a lot of brain power and I thought my brain would explode.I had the temptation to assist myself with Maya but I settled to be a badass and I do everything in 2D. At the beginning of shading I used Multiply, Color Burn and Color Dodge layer blending modes for developing base a colour pallet. I the last rendering with a simple Round and Choke brush with Normal blending mode.


CoD:MW1 Crossfire

As a continuation of learning technique from post "Sketching time lapse", I drew one of my favorite levels of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 from my memory. Before I did this I thought that I knew this level very well because I spent a lot of time on this level. I was really surprised how my mind was able to trick my memory and I started to spent more attention on details when spectateing as a dead player.

I quit this drawing because I noticed that then the more time I spent on it then worse it becames and I need to make everything from scratch if I want to make it look good.


MK Cafe - Corridor Breakdown

I am glad to present the breakdown of our last project. It was the most excited part of the work for me because I always want to use my drawing skills as much as possible and because it had to be “invisible” VFX. It was almost nearly impossible remove all the strings of the cups from original footage, replace and add new cups in 2D as the client wanted. We decided to rebuild a whole stage with the camera projection in Nuke and render new cups in Maya (mental-ray).


Sketching time lapse

Welcome to my first time lapse. In this video you will able to watch my way of studying concept arts from The Call of Juarez 2: Bound In Blood, which was created by Wojciech “WWWoj” Ostrycharz. I love his style of simple and clear shapes with a gentle marker shading. I think these types of sketches fit very well to my skill level and study needs. Every building is based on a small thumbnail of WWWoj's concepts. I just changed the camera angle and sometimes the light direction, but I still tried to keep the feeling of the original technique. This way of drawing allowed me to learn how things are constructed and improve my perspective skills in the same time. Unfortunately, Podcaster (the program for live streaming) is quite unstable, and I lost a couple drawing sessions. That is why some recordings are incomplete. I hope you will enjoy this video. Feel free to post comments and ask questions.


New purchase "Old Mother Yew"

A Couple days ago I spent some money on a new tutorial from The Adamation Station store. If you don't know who this guy is, I highly recommend watching his free tutorial Voodoo Doll. I had never seen before this type of work-flow. Adam is drawing as 3D renderer diffuse, reflection, subsurface scattering passes and compositing them together. For me, Old Mother Yew was a perfect match because it covered an area of knowledge which I lacked.

There is one of the exercises which I did while watching Adam Duff's tutorial.

From this tutorial, I also learned about Daarken. His free tutorials about “Brush Controls” and “Creating Custom Brushes” were a perfect extension of the knowledge which I got from “Old Mother Yew”.