Stairs study

This was homework for a drawing class. I had a rough description of some typical stairs that were architecturally correct. I had to do only a line drawing in a two point perspective, but under the influence of John Park's art I decided to do something more dynamic and ambitious. I decided to do the whole line work in Photoshop with only Line and Pen Tool in three-point perspective. This was the first time that I made something more complicated with a tree-point perspective, and I was surprised and excited with the outcome, so I decided to cast a light through the window. Usually when I cast shadows I know the exact light position, and it's a breeze. But this time, I wanted to hit a specific area of the floor without cheating. Because of this I reversed the whole process and checked different positions of the light. It took a lot of brain power and I thought my brain would explode.I had the temptation to assist myself with Maya but I settled to be a badass and I do everything in 2D. At the beginning of shading I used Multiply, Color Burn and Color Dodge layer blending modes for developing base a colour pallet. I the last rendering with a simple Round and Choke brush with Normal blending mode.


CoD:MW1 Crossfire

As a continuation of learning technique from post "Sketching time lapse", I drew one of my favorite levels of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 from my memory. Before I did this I thought that I knew this level very well because I spent a lot of time on this level. I was really surprised how my mind was able to trick my memory and I started to spent more attention on details when spectateing as a dead player.

I quit this drawing because I noticed that then the more time I spent on it then worse it becames and I need to make everything from scratch if I want to make it look good.