Sketching time lapse

Welcome to my first time lapse. In this video you will able to watch my way of studying concept arts from The Call of Juarez 2: Bound In Blood, which was created by Wojciech “WWWoj” Ostrycharz. I love his style of simple and clear shapes with a gentle marker shading. I think these types of sketches fit very well to my skill level and study needs. Every building is based on a small thumbnail of WWWoj's concepts. I just changed the camera angle and sometimes the light direction, but I still tried to keep the feeling of the original technique. This way of drawing allowed me to learn how things are constructed and improve my perspective skills in the same time. Unfortunately, Podcaster (the program for live streaming) is quite unstable, and I lost a couple drawing sessions. That is why some recordings are incomplete. I hope you will enjoy this video. Feel free to post comments and ask questions.

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